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What makes the Bachelor of Culinary Management program unique?

Passion and skill can be considered somewhat relative to each other, as our passion can serve as our driver when devoting time and effort into mastering a skill. 

For instance, the passion of making delicious food can serve as your motivation in acquiring and harnessing skills in cookery, menu development and management, which are the very foundation of the culinary management program.

You can consider yourself lucky if are able to pursue your passion and at the same time have a promising career. Choosing to study culinary management can make this possible. You will learn to become skillful in all aspects of food preparation, cooking and presentation, as well as, learn business and management fundamentals – including human resource operations, financial management & marketing.

The bachelor of culinary management program can also provide you with a host of other advantages:

Be more adept in the kitchen

The bachelor degree can help you enhance your skills in the kitchen. Throughout your studies you will gain a broad knowledge in preparing and cooking food. You will also be able to see how a kitchen should be run and how to better manage your time to make sure you can deal with all the jobs in a timely and efficient manner. Acquiring these skills can not only take your kitchen abilities up a notch, but can also help equip you for the pressure of the real culinary world, which as you might know can be very demanding and fast-paced.

Better opportunities for management positions

Skill, experience and training can be enough to make one a chef, but having a bachelor’s degree in culinary management provides you with in-depth knowledge and training concerning the business side of cooking. This allows for you to continue to grow in your cooking career, as you will notice higher up management positions no longer purely focus on cooking as individuals also have to be in touch with both day-to-day and long term business operations. 

Owning and managing your own business

With the bachelor degree in culinary management providing a large amount of business knowledge, it also provides you with the opportunity of opening and running your own business. Not only allowing you to continue your passion for cooking, but to also run potentially your own restaurant or cafe, which you can grow and evolve over time. 

Advanced training in international cuisines

In the degree, you learn how to cook a wide variety of local and international dishes/cuisines. This also means you have the chance to learn more exquisite techniques and explore new & different ingredients. Thus, further expanding your scope for future career opportunities.

The chance of joining a study program abroad

This is probably one unique advantage of having a bachelor’s degree. Opportunities for internships in culinary settings are vast and can sometimes even extend to having a chance to study abroad. This can not only allow you to have an up close and personal experience in learning international cuisine, but also provides you the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. 

Multitudes of opportunities 

Once you have completed your culinary management degree you will be provided with a multitude of different options. Not only will you be a skilled chef, but your background in business will allow you to work in a multitude of different restaurants both locally and overseas, with options for growth within your chosen profession. Don’t miss the opportunity to chase your passion in food. Look into a bachelor of culinary management degree today. 

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