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TOP 8 Free GIRLY Apps for Android and IOS

TOP 8 Free GIRLY Apps for Android and IOS

Here, you can find out new apps that most of the girls definitely find helpful. What do you need to have in your phone? Of course, there is unlimited number of the best of the best applications for your health, style, make up, and even more. As a rule, women are different and they have different needs about what they really want from their life. It can be rather challenging to decide what you need the most. Thus, such helpful apps as rental24h app or booking will be always appropriate to rent a car in a new place, city, or book the cheapest room. But, what about the best GIRLY apps? Don’t worry – you have them all now!


Best Apps for Women

Hairstyle app

Like a real woman, you used to take care of your hair style and color. Why don’t you use a Hairstyle app? Why and how can you use it? This unique app can find out numerous haircuts and colors for making a new you! Do you want to know whether this new hair cut suits you or not? Do you want to try a new suggested hair color for today’s party? Your personal hair styles will help you in one click! Just download and look through the best hair styling looks. If you are afraid of coloring for now, just ask your styles about it and enjoy the result! If you like it, you can get a step-by-step guide to do the same with your hair in real.

Behind the Scenes with Aveda™ – Adidas by Stella McCartney SS14 LFW – London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 – #LFW – September 17, 2013 – Creative Commons (cc) photos distributed by Mainstream via Aveda Corporation

Health app

It’s very simple. Every time you need to get to know everything about your current health condition, you may check the symptoms in iTriage. You can trust it as the content is systematically reviewing by scholars of that legendary Harvard. So, the diagnoses are trustful and concrete. Don’t worry, the app is very easy to install and use! There is a number of following options and you should choose one to start:

Your symptoms

Current condition, Medical care, Pills and procedures

Hotline and news

Fashion app

The girls often go crazy about clothes and accessories. They are fashion addicted. They want to be up-to-date and look stylish, no matter what. Of course, the best way to feel upgraded is installing a unique fashion app right now. You may try Pose. There you can find a lot of pictures from the latest fashion collections. You many use them all for free, make your comments, share. What is more, you can also share your own design solutions with your friends and Pose users. Just create an account!

[ Art is subject to arbitrary fashion.   --- Kary Mullis ]

Music app

The most of the people like music. Definitely, life seems to be extremely boring if you don’t have music in your hand phones. So, why don’t you use one of the best free Android and IOS apps to listen your favorite songs from your phone? You may pick the best tracks of the best quality according to your taste and telephone options. Which is your favorite? The list of variant is wide, including music of all popular music genres.

Personal security app

It often happens the women become the victims of crime. It doesn’t matter how old you are and where you are going to go this evening, you should do everything for your safety. All you need is installing the smartest app on your smartphone platform. The app works very fast and simply smart. You have a special secure code to send any time you are in danger. Just tap and VithU automatically sends SOS message to any phone number to inform about your location. It is very helpful information to find you!


Social apps

Facebook and Instagram are the best and the most popular social apps. Thus, the first one is good to contact with friends, share your emotions, pictures, send video or just chat. It would be a big sorrow to forget installing Facebook messenger on your phone. If you are ready to impress your followers with your photos, you shouldn’t forget about Instagram options. Just take the pictures and share with your friends. Your attractive selfies are really impressive!

Food app

Do you like cooking? As a rule, girls like cooking. You have a chance to become an expert in it! Take some lessons from the world popular chefs by receiving the best recipes on your phone. Some of the recipes are really rare to find.

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Find Your Phone app

Find My iPhone is what you need to have your device always with you and stay away from panic attacks every time you lose it. Losing your phone is like losing a part of you. Of course, your phone is full of useful apps that are always read to help to find a room, car, pick the new hairstyle for today’s evening and find the fastest way to the restaurant.

Women need special attention and special care. There are many unique girly apps that make your smartphone your good friend, helper, advice, and follower. You may try to install at least some of them on your telephone and start testing. So, till now, the questions What should I wear? and How to prepare Caesar? are not hot for you. Make sure that you try them all.

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