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Technology in Gaming: What’s Next?

When it comes to online gaming, it is always interesting to consider where it may be headed next. As the next generation of tech is developed, the way that it can then be used to help online casinos offer an even more fantastic experience to you as a player is fascinating. The rapid advance in science and technology in the modern world sees this happening faster than ever now.

Just what can you look forward to when it comes to the impact of technology on gaming?

What new technology is around the corner?

While it is impossible to predict for sure, the below seem likely to happen:

  • Virtual reality casinos and games – this is one very exciting development that is starting to happen already. VR technology has become much more reliable, accessible and useful now for online gaming. This means that VR games are being developed to allow players to play in this way. It is also seeing VR casino sites developed that give online players that full, real-life casino adventure.
  • Blockchain – this is a new advance in technology that seems likely to move into the online gaming sector. Blockchain is the actual operating technology that cryptocurrencies are based on and allows them to work. As a separate entity though, it has many features that are useful for gaming, such as full transparency for you as a player when playing at a Blockchain-based casino.
  • Cryptocurrencies – along with Blockchain itself, cryptocurrencies are a big tech change for gaming. Already, you can use Bitcoin to fund your account at some online casinos, and many expect this to happen more in the future. With new digital currencies being released all the time, it seems likely that others will follow.
  • Augmented reality – though you will hear more about VR now, AR could be set to progress into online gaming. AR is different as it gives an augmented version of reality for you to see when playing games online. This is actually quite a far-reaching scope, as online casinos could use it to provide a customized or more personal casino experience for each player. It is estimated that by 2020, AR technology will generate a massive $72bn, to give some context.
  • Better user experience – even for online casinos that are not VR, AR or Blockchain based in the future, new tech will help them to offer an even better experience for users. is just one online casino that is likely to use the latest technology in this way. More powerful operating systems and more sophisticated games from providers will allow online casino sites to become even more fantastic in the future.

Players are the winners

The real winners in how technology could change gaming are the players. Fabulous new ways of enjoying both the games and the online casino experience will keep you entertained better than ever before. It would certainly seem that VR and AR and other tech are going to make a massive impact soon.

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