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Spyera Spying App: How To Save Kids From Deadly Games And Its Consequences

The Internet has brought the revolution to the world. The world has become connected. There are enormous benefits to the internet. But it is evident that every coin has two sides similarly there are many consequences the world has to face because of the misuse of the internet. There are 130 suicide cases, stabs to belly and severe burns are the consequences of the deadly games.

The latest trend going over the internet is the deadly online games taking a toll on the kids and parents as well. It looks like there is an invisible war going over between the internet and the parents since the internet is full of suicidal games encouraging the children to perform the act ( which can hurt them or even kill them ), shoots it and posts it over the internet for mere likes and comments.

Researchers are unable to find out why the children are jeopardizing themselves.
Parents can do little to protect their little ones. However, they can install a spying app on their kid’s phone. They can check out how to install spyera and can have a secret look at their kid’s phone.

Below list contains some of the deadly games:-

The Momo Challenge

This one is the latest online game going over the internet. It took its symbol Momo from the artwork of the Japanese vfx company. A scary creature, half-human, half-bird, with a distorted and ugly face, bulgy and popped up eyes, and a torn mouth is the latest debate going around among the parents and the media fraternity.

At first, tasks are not so severe and encourages the kid to perform it like waking up too early in the morning. The last stage is deadly, which is committing suicide. The Momo’s challenge is spreading like a wildfire over the internet. Until now the momo has been seen in Argentina and USA. Parents need to be cautious as these challenge is going to be huge if not stopped now.

The Blue Whale Challenge

This game came into limelight when there was already the cases of kids committing the suicide. Even the teens were seen committing the suicide. The game is rumored to be created by a Russian guy. After getting caught he clarified it by saying there is no need for individuals who are mentally ill. For him, the people committing the suicide are mentally ill so he further added that he wanted to make a world free of from mentally ill people.

The challenge’s recruiters draw kids on social media. Vulnerable kids are easy to trick and make them enter but impossible to leave. It seems almost impossible for them to leave as the agents threaten them. They assign 50 tasks. The final stage is to commit suicide and also film it and post it on social media. Close to 100 teens hanged themselves and end their life which is very frightening.

Slender Man

Slender Man was also shown in video games and movies. is a website where people create horror images that go viral. Thus, Slender Man has the power to teleport and kids that he managed to become his servants. He can protect some kids and attack others.

In these game, the kids use to stab the people in order to protect themselves and guided by the slender man. In one case, a woman was stab by her own daughter 20 times. In another case, a kid set his house to fire while his parents were inside the house.

Ice And Salt Challenge


In these game, the teens need to accept the challenge and rub ice with salt on their skin and post it to the social media. The combination used to give the frostbite. The main focus is to bear the pain and continue to rub the salt along with the ice.

The Cinnamon Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge means swallowing quickly cinnamon powder without water. Last year there were about 200 calls to U.S. poison control centers. Cinnamon damages the lungs due to its chemical and indigestible cellulose along with the asthma attack. Social media spreads immensely the idea of this dangerous activity. At present, it’s not that popular as it was before some time ago.

When the kids were asked why they were doing these there was no specific answer but the idea is clear as this kind of activity is carried out just to get famous and attract likes and the comments from the social media. Psychologists and therapists claim that the pressure from the friends and classmates is a dominant factor that makes teens accept this kind of challenges. They strive to fit into their social environment and get famous among their friends.

Should Parents be blamed for this?

If the parents give their 12 ear old the gift of smartphone then yes they are to be blamed. But there are some personal reasons which force the parents to give their kids smartphone but as the kids are devoid of analytical thinking they get trapped in this kind of deadly games.

Spying the mobile phones of the kids can be one option to save the children from the harmful effects of the internet. There are many spying apps available in the market. Spyera is one of them and works in stealth mode to spy on the targeted user’s phone. The parents can install the spyera on their kids mobile and can track their online activities. They can monitor their child’s online behavior and can check out if the kid is engaged in some suicidal games or not. They can even check out the spyera reviews to look at the efficiency of the app.

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