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Some Smart Tips For Integrating Instagram Effectively Into Your Web Design

Some Smart Tips For Integrating Instagram Effectively Into Your Web Design

Instagram that was introduced as primarily a photo-sharing app has become the most popular social media platform today. With over 800 million MAUs (monthly active users), it is quite natural for brands to embrace Instagram with open arms. Even though there are numerous tools for Instagram, you need to know how Instagram could be effectively integrated into your web design. Here are some smart ways how brands are creating Instagram and web designing synergy.

Embedding an Instagram Feed

The effective way of successfully assimilating Instagram into your web design is by embedding an Instagram feed. Famedrop, a well-known Montreal-based clothing store online has embedded a feed right below its home page’s fold. If you boast of an Instagram theme which would be tying well with present web design colors and products, the integration seems to be really much more unified.

Using the Lookbook-Style Page

An uncomplicated Instagram page would be creating a complete webpage full of valuable content without any need for generating extra content. We have seen that Vu Sunglass actually utilizes this technique precisely as a typical lookbook-style page for all their sunglasses. Listed as ‘Editorial’ instead of Instagram feed; there is absolutely no evidence that this top quality content actually initiates straight from their Instagram. This sort of smooth and hassle-free integration would be imperceptibly promoting your e-commerce just by linking the glasses when the thumbnail image is clicked. Learn to attract real Instagram followers for boosting your business.

The Explicit Sales Focus

Just like the Editorial Page of Vu Sunglass, the White Fox Boutique actually has come up with a page with distinctive sales approach. The page has been titled aptly as ‘Shop our Instagram’. Here the intent is crystal clear even before the user arrives on the specific page. When you click on the Instagram images, a particular list containing links to the demonstrated products would be appearing, leading you directly to the precise point of purchase.

With numerous e-commerce brands active on the mobile application, Instagram could afford to be relatively more accommodative to all these users. Instagram has started incorporating e-businesses into its platform with Instagram for Business. However, this is supposed to be exorbitant and the cost of coming up with an Instagram advertisement could be unbelievably high. Also, for relatively smaller companies, these prices are just not feasible.


Even though Instagram is not really optimized specifically for e-commerce, in spite of the recent endeavors, other firms like Like2Buy and FourSixty have developed platforms for effectively linking the e-commerce businesses and Instagram. Suja’s e-commerce site would be letting you order some cold pressed juices. Even though the products seem to be really Instagrammable, currently there is no simple technique of linking every post effectively to their website. There is just one single clickable link that is present in the Instagram profile description. But Suja could be utilizing just this one single link for attracting customers to the ‘Like2Buy’ page. This is where the customers could be easily viewing the stunning photo content and, simply with one click, the customer would be landing on the webpage of the product. All this facilitates a definitely simpler conversion to purchase. Moreover, it is easy to use and so the clients find the overall experience enjoyable and fruitful.

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