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Some Helpful Tips Clients Can Use When They Hire A Crane Rental Company and Contractor

Clients that know what they are doing will not have much trouble securing a great crane rental and contractor. Unfortunately, some companies do not know the proper steps to take and when. Below clients can find a checklist of the do’s and don’ts of renting a crane and hiring a contractor.


What Is the Project?

Clients have to know what is needed for their on-site project and the rental. The second part is what trips people up. Rental companies insist that clients be knowledgeable of every detail including hiring the rigger. The rigger is the guy who keeps everything down and operates the lift when needed.

Clients are paying for the rigger too, so they need to keep that part in mind. Clients are advised to hire the rigger before anything else. They can help execute the rest of the project in the right way.


The Bids

Projects can get very expensive, especially if the project is long-term. That is why it is important that clients bid carefully. Clients can make the right choice by speaking with numerous companies. Find the best deal and then make a choice.

The best thing to do is to give the crane company as much information as possible. Clients should consider inviting the guy to the site to see everything personally. Clients can still do that even if they have not made a firm, final offer. The knowledge they carry is going to be an asset.


Make Plans In Advance

It is similar to how a client books a wedding chapel and venue. Places fill fast. The worst thing to have to happen is for the company to double book a crane on the same day. Clients also do not want to call a day or so prior and find out their crane is not available. That is why it is strongly advised that clients book the crane rental and contractor months in advance.



The last thing a client should do is to schedule the rigger during off-hours. Clients think they are saving money, but they are really doing the opposite. Off-hours or overtime will increase the budget in a big way.

Clients should do themselves a favor and schedule the crane rental, rigger, and contractor during business hours. It will also reduce the trust issues that may be there.



Clients need the city’s permission to do the project, so do not wait until the last minute to get the permits. Clients also need to wait until the permits come through. In other words, do not start the project beforehand. Some clients have gotten in trouble for that in the past.


Communication Is Key

Clients need open and honest communication with their crane rental company and the riggers. It is going to be a rough ride when the client and contractor are not on the same page. This is your project. The waters are bound to be rough at times. Clear the air right away before the waters get too intense. Clients should not be afraid to fire someone who is not on board, so they can find the right person for the job.

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