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Professional Upfront: Essential Interview Dress Codes For Students


Although students likely dress carelessly within school grounds, they need to habitually dress professionally, particularly in the course of interviewing for an internship.

Dressing does not indicate that you must spend your entire savings to execute it with fashion because all you need to do is to look presentable and neat while showing interviewers your qualifications. Ultimately, it is the work that you need to acquire.

Listed below are interview outfit essentials that you may want to pull for your future job interview.

Know the Establishment

Before you proceed to your interview, it would be reasonable to execute a bit of research first regarding how the establishment’s dress codes. This approach might entail studying the business online if the company has a web page, or you can call the business and collect information before your arranged interview.

Some companies are very conservative about dress code policies and might demand business attire, while other establishments fall under the smart casual. It is always best to at least dress suitably than the employees in presenting yourself.

In situations you do not know how the employees regularly dress, it is safer to don professional attire. Remember that it is way better to go to a professional interview well-groomed than too informal.

Standard Attire for Gentlemen

Gents must wear a neat suit and tie along with dashing shoes to interviews. The suit must come in solid colors such as gray or navy, and the shoes must be brown or black.

Wear a long sleeve, button-down tops either white or different color in French Connection that blends with your suit smoothly and a subdued tie such as traditional stripes or little dots.

Also, make certain to iron your clothes the night before the scheduled interview and assure your shoes are tidy.

Standard Attire for Ladies

Ladies have more choices about interview outfit. A suit with a  blouse or button-down top is most appropriate for a job interview. The suit must be neutral in tone and firm like dark gray, navy, black.

The blouse or shirt can come in any color that can harmonize with the suit, but it must not be extremely patterned or too bright. Wear neutral colored shoes, either heels or flats that are not higher than three inches.

However, if the company tells you that you should dress smartly, or perhaps you are quite confident that the interviewer favors an informal style, you may wear slacks or skirt along with a button-down shirt or a blouse and a blazer.

In case you do not own a blazer, then you may put a cardigan on that is neutral in tone. Assure you look clean and smart. Again, iron your outfit as well as keep your shoes clean before the scheduled day of the interview.

Grooming Codes

Men must shave or at least trim their facial hair, keep nails short and make the hairstyle tidy and presentable. Gents must also remove any kinds of piercings or jewelry during the interview. Additionally, ladies and gents must hide and cover any obvious tattoos.

Ladies must make their hair simple, like a simple updo and makeup must be kept minimal. Also, it is safer to rule out brightly colored eyes.

Girls can wear plain jewelry, including a little necklace like a pearl accessory and little studs but refrain from wearing needless piercings or accessories. Both gents and ladies need to also refrain from putting on strong perfumes that could likely distract the interviewer.


A career interview is an essential way to display your professional side. Through the interview, it is safer to look and dress your best while presenting a simple and presentable appearance.

It is unneeded for you to put on extreme and needless embellishment because eventually, what you need to do is to be professional and to adhere to the dress code of the establishment.

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