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Learn the Chinese Language Faster

Learning Chinese can be conducted for fun or for more serious business. No matter what your reason, you must be motivated to learn Chinese as fast as you can. The decision you make probably will include relocating to the country for the job or educational reason. Or you may want to settle there for various reasons.

If you are running a startup or business, you might find this very important because most of your clients come from China. You will want to speak in Chinese with them to make them impressed and trust you more to do the work together. Just like many other foreign languages, Chinese has its own challenges for the learners. When it comes to Chinese, you will need to consider few factors below to learn the language faster.

Recognize the languages

You need to be familiar with the Chinese. You need to decide whether you are learning Cantonese or Mandarine. Cantonese is the primary language used in Hong Kong and Guangdong. For more national language, Mandarin is the one. It is the core language of Taiwan and China. You can learn both but if you do want to do the international connection, learning Mandarin comes as a priority.

Speaking or writing?

You need to decide which you want to focus, speaking or writing Chinese. It may be helpful to learn reading characters if you travel around so that you can easily read the signs. But speaking is also important when you need to communicate with other people. Learning both will be awesome. But you need to prioritize one of them first so that you can grasp the big picture of the Chinese.

Learn expressions and phrases

It is great to learn about the vocabulary rigorously. But it may not help you a lot in the conversation. Instead, you could prioritize to learn the phrases and expressions so that you are able to communicate with Chinese folks by the context and the right semantics.

Use your senses

See, listen, watch, taste, smell, touch, and expose yourself more to the Chinese. For instance, see the characters, watch the movie, listen to the songs and speeches, smell the Chinese fragrance, touch Chinese objects, taste the Chinese delicacies. The more you expose yourself to Chinese things, the closer you are to the language.

Have fun

“Why so serious,” said the Joker. Well, he has the right point. There is no need to stress yourself. It won’t solve your matter. Instead, you must be having fun while learning Chinese. Join the conversation group, Chinese cosplay club, watch Chinese movies together with your best buddies. Make friends with Chinese. Have fun.

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