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How Product Packaging Design Is Important To Brand

How Product Packaging Design Is Important To Brand

Packaging is just a packaging! After all, it’s the actual product that matters.

Are you one of them who think in this way? If it’s so, you are setting up yourself for failure.

Every year a lot of new products get introduced into the market but 95% of them fail because of the poor product packaging.

Package design is one of the most significant elements for the success of a brand. It has the power to communicate your brand story. Before launching a product, it is really important to do a proper planning and give a serious thought to its packaging design.

Companies spend a lot of time and money in creating their perfect product. But they still view their product packaging as an afterthought despite the fact that when a product is launched it is the product packaging design that first grabs the attention of the consumers. It has a direct impact on the sales and overall company’s image. No matter how good is your product, poor packaging can increase the risk of losing sales.

Here are few key reasons how packaging design is important for a brand:

Differentiate Brand from others

Product promotion or marketing aims at building identity of the product by highlighting its unique features. In order to achieve marketing and advertising goals, companies create many strategies to get the attention of the target customers. The packaging design also plays an important role in convincing the consumers to buy your product instantly; rather than any of the other on the shelf space. For example, Pet Naturals of Vermont—the producer of high-quality pet supplements, has its competitors that are selling the same product in a bottle, but Pet Naturals decided to introduce the product bag packaging.

Color Influences Consumer Purchase Habit

The color plays an important role in consumer purchasing decision. It can generate interest in the product and motivate a customer to purchase it. Every color conveys a different meaning. For instance, white color conveys purity and simplicity, and blue color conveys security & trust, but not all have the same significance for consumers. The color preferred for the automobile may not be preferred for furniture. If you have a brand that works globally, it is very important to understand the perception of varied cultures. For example, white color represents happiness in western cultures, but death and sorrow for eastern cultures

Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Packaging has become one of the most important tools in modern marketing today. It can give companies a great opportunity to build a personal connection with the consumers. We may not realize but the consumer makes their purchase decision within 5-10 seconds. Unique packaging material, text, and graphics will not only make your product stand on the shelf space but also want them to purchase your product.

Packaging as a Brand Communication

Nowadays, packaging has become a medium of communication between a brand and consumers. When a product is displayed on a shelf, it builds an instant connection with the consumer. Immediate perceptions are made through packaging, and expectations build. Therefore, it is very important for a brand to make a right communication in the first impression. The packaging of the product should be such that it helps the consumer in finding all the useful information such as how to use, safety guidelines, features, benefits etc.

The Bottom Line

Packaging has become an integral part of the product. It is no longer merely a wrapping paper for its safety; but helping brands in increasing the sales volume.

Now you know how packaging design is important for a brand. It is the time to get in touch with the professionals that can help you in designing the product packaging or custom shipping boxes so that you stand out in the crowd of competitors. Designhill is a leading freelancing graphic design platform where you can hire professional designer to create an impressive packaging for your business in a short span of time.

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