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How Does WikiGains Stack Up With Top Voucher Apps?

How Does WikiGains Stack Up With Top Voucher Apps?

Coupons and vouchers are a big part of ecommerce today. In this article, we compare a number of voucher Apps and websites like

Vouchers are a great way to save lots of money while shopping. In the past, this meant rifling through newspapers, magazines, and other print media with your trusty scissors in hand to find the best deals. These days, however, you can find excellent deals using just your phone.

In the UK, deal websites and voucher Apps, such as MoneySavingExpert, Wikigains and Groupon, do all the work so you don’t need to. But how do different sources of vouchers stack up?

Grocery IQ

How Does WikiGains Stack Up With Top Voucher Apps?

Grocery IQ is a smart app that’s designed to streamline your entire shopping experience. It manages shopping lists for you and lets you print vouchers based on your planned purchases ahead of time. The app learns what products you tend to buy and what stores you tend to shop at in order to find you the best deals on your favourite groceries. Contrary to digital voucher sites, like, he downside to Grocery IQ is that many of the vouchers you can find require you to physically print them off, which is a bit of a hassle.


How Does WikiGains Stack Up With Top Voucher Apps?

The key difference between Yowza and competing voucher apps is how vouchers are sourced. Yowza’s developers have reached out to retailers and encourage them to directly offer its users killer deals. You can browse its database of discounts based on both your location and the retailer you’d like to shop at. It’s available on both iOS and Android, meaning it’s a brilliant way for any smartphone user to access an untapped source of vouchers.


How Does WikiGains Stack Up With Top Voucher Apps?

If you’re not a fan of printing vouchers or showing the cashier your phone, Cellfire is the app for you. It works directly with grocery stores to load e-vouchers onto your rewards card. This means that when you checkout with a discounted item, the voucher is automatically added to your purchase. It’s a great way to avoid as much hassle as possible while you shop for groceries. The downside of Cellfire is that it only works with select grocers and select vouchers, meaning you can’t save as much money as you can with a website like WikiGains.

Voucher Sherpa

How Does WikiGains Stack Up With Top Voucher Apps?

Voucher Sherpa is an app that tries hard to emulate the search functionality of a site like WikiGains. It enables users to search for vouchers by both product and retailer. While you can find scannable barcodes, many of the vouchers that you’ll find require you to print them out and bring them into the store. It’s a great way to save money with a minimum of hassle.


How Does WikiGains Stack Up With Top Voucher Apps?

WikiGains is a top voucher website that can be used in combination with any of the apps above or on its own. It offers UK consumers access to a vast database of deals, vouchers, and more that’s easy to search from any smartphone or computer. As long as you know where you’re shopping or what you’re shopping for, you can use WikiGains to find codes, vouchers, and deals that will save you lots of money.

Are Apps The Future Of Vouchering?

It’s fast and easy for customers to find vouchers and other deals using their smartphones. By taking advantage of one or more of the apps above and using top search sites like WikiGains, informed consumers can save hundreds of dollars over a fairly short period of time. As e-commerce becomes more mobile based, it’s important for all voucher platforms to ensure that their services are easy for smartphone users to access.

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