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How Can You Enjoy the Virtual Reality in Your Smartphone?

Mobile gaming has been evolving for years. We still remember that the youngsters back then were captivated by Snake and Pong in Nokia phones. As the time goes by, the improvement of mobile processors, graphics, and hardware have been improving.

The commencing of iOS and Android games have been popular in most recent years. In July 2017, there were 74 million games downloaded and the number is still increasing. In most recent study, it appears that 40% of the mobile users use their 30 minutes time per day to play games in their break time. If you use Android or iOS devices, you may have seen it by yourself, or experience it. You may kill some time when waiting in the line, open your Candy Crush Saga to kill some time. Then we were hyped with the augmented reality games like Pokemon Go, Ingress, Kazooloo, etc. But the surprise did not end up there.

Recently, we are closely engaged with Virtual reality. The games which come with VR have been raiding the mobile devices users. Now you can get the VR headsets for only $40 from nearby store. For those who are in the tight budget, you could consider purchasing the Google Cardboard for only $8. The number of VR-ready games is increasing from time to time. The creators claim that the uses of VR will not only be limited to the games. So it is possible that we’ll see the next blockbuster movie from our VR headsets.

Dawn of Titans is the solid proof that VR is the best thing happens for mobile gamers. It was in long development before released on Google Play. It is one of the most popular VR-ready games all the time.

The good news is that more and more developers are considering to use both VR – Virtual Reality and AR – Augmented Reality in 2017. Major developments from the games can encourage folks to upgrade their gadgets. These games demand the mobile phone’s features such as mic, accelerometer, camera, GPS, and gyroscope. With the combination of VR and AR, you could imagine what will be presenting to the world later.

We know that the specs of most recent mobile devices can be compared by most recent PCs. What does it mean? The developers are confident to bring the high-end VR and AR games to the mobile phones. And it only matters of time that we are attached to this technology. The geniuses will push the barriers to present us the big surprises. Can’t wait to see what’s coming.

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