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Google Officially Releases Android P’s First Developer Preview Now Available To Download

Google Officially Releases Android P’s First Developer Preview Now Available To Download

It’s finally another story about a new version of Android here! Google has officially released the developer preview of the next version of Android P, with details of the initial set of features and the next iteration of the company’s mobile operating system scheduled to be released in March. The next major Android update, called Android P according to perennial leaker Evan Blass.

This is sure that the Android P that big update with major visual changes and you will wish to install on your smartphone soonest. The deep changes mostly enhancements on the changes that will affect developers. The developers will be able to test, give feedback on new features and what everyday users can expect. Read through!

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You can read about all of the key features as well as app-building tools and updated APIs included in the included in this first developer preview, over on

Android P Developer Preview: Features

Indoor Positioning with WiFi RTT

Bringing support for Wi-Fi RTT, which allows taking advantage of indoor positioning in your apps with an accuracy of 1 to 2 meters. It allows measuring the distance to various Wi-Fi access points.

Notches For Everybody

Android P supports feature that will cutout shape and requesting full-screen layout or camera and sensors and notch cutting into the display at the top of the screen, such as the ones with the notch. Google has seen brings up the need for vendors to introduce native operating system support for display cutouts. There’s even a developer options section now has a setting to simulate cutout on any device.

Improved messaging notifications

Android P brings the wide range of improving visibility and function in notifications across the entire platform, which is why new look for you are encouraged to try the new look for notifications from messaging apps; it highlights who is messaging, handles iMessage and how you can reply.

Multi-Camera Support

P providing a new Multi-Camera API from devices which have more than one front-facing cameras. With the multi-camera API, Android P devices able to access streams from multiple physical cameras on devices simultaneously. If there are two camera’s on the back, there will be a standard Multi-Camera API with making this app to more granularly control them.

Newer, better

Enhanced Security and Improved Privacy

The new API allows a standard system dialog to call for fingerprint reading sensor and adapts the dialog placement as appropriate for the device. Google recommends developers to take this new method as soon as possible. The updated operating system to improve the Autofill user experience, camera, microphone, and other SensorManager sensors from idle apps. While client-side secret backing up data, Android P preview release does the encryption on the client device.

Optimized Kotlin

Further adding to this list, the team has improved several compiler optimizations, especially those that target loops, to extract better x3 performance for ART with JetBrains to optimize Java based Kotlin language  generated code. The developers keep Android Studio’s Kotlin plugin up-to-date.

Available for Pixel Phones Now

Google has made available manually flashable system updated SDK with system images for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL on their devices today.

How to download Android P Developer Preview?

As always, Google was expected to offer the Android P DP1 is available Google devices including Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL. Developers and Android enthusiasts can download and manually flash the Android P developer preview the compatible build for your device using this link. Developers can download Android P here.

In the meantime, the impending release of Android P for developers can begin playing with the software now. Google is asking developers to mess with Android P’s first developer preview but still want its new Pixel Launcher, this article to do.


Google will release the new first Android P developer preview for its Pixel smartphones.  How to allow app developers to access Android ecosystem for the next few years ahead of its final release.

The timeline reveals that the second developer preview comes will see the release in June, and a fifth in July, before the final release of the new platform for Q3 2018. The custom android app development platform is the best choice for developing mobile apps and doesn’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Sysbunny What are you waiting for?

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