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Finding a Reliable, Energy Efficient Air Conditioner to Fit your Needs

In Australia, the weather can get so hot and cold that having an air-conditioner becomes a necessity, not a luxury. And with the rising cost of power, it is important to have an air conditioner that uses energy efficiently. Here are some things to consider when searching for the right energy-efficient air conditioner to fit your needs.

Where will you be using the air conditioner?

The most important question to answer is where you will be using the air-conditioning system. Do you need it to cool or heat a single room in your home? Split system air-conditioners are most commonly used among residential homes in this case. Will it be cooling an entire house? Then a duct system air-con may be a more efficient option. Do you just need to cool a room in a place you plan to rent for a short period? A portable air-con may suit your needs better in that case.

Is it the right size for the room?

Once you know the type of space your air-con will be cooling, you have to make sure the capacity of the air-con is optimal for the size of the room it will be installed in. Models too powerful for a room will make the room constantly too cold and will waste power and running costs. Conversely, an air-con that is not powerful enough will not provide adequate comfort and will fall prey to excessive wear. As a rough guide, rooms between 20 to 40 m² should use 3 to 5 kW-sized ACs and 40 to 60 m² rooms should use 5 to 10 kW-sized ACs.

Is it built for Australian weather?

Living in Australia means having to deal with a harsher than normal climate and extreme temperatures, depending on the region you reside in. Will this energy efficient air conditioner be able to cool your room in temperatures as hot as 47 °C (104°F)? Will it be able to heat up the room when it gets as cold as -15 °C (5°F)?  It is important to know exactly what operating range it has in order to make a good decision.

How energy efficient is it really?

The cost of electricity is a major consideration because your air-con will typically be on for the better part of the day. One of the best ways to choose an energy efficient air conditioner is to consider the energy star rating. The maximum number of energy stars is ten, and for every star the air-con has, you will be able to conserve as much as 15% in running costs.

Installation and style options

Consider the space you live in; how will the AC be installed? Do you have space for a large AC? Are you in a shared space that will prevent you from installing a split system? Will the AC look out of place when it is installed on the wall? How loud will the AC be, and how does that work for your space or for possible neighbours around you?

What other features does it have?

In the age we live in, an air-con that simply cools or heats up a room is out of date. These days, air-conditioners are also able to clean up the air in the room while cooling it, thanks to advanced filtration systems. Some air-cons are also self-cleaning and can be set to automatically detect changes in room temperatures and adjust the temperature according to a pre-set temperature.  

If you are in the market for an energy-efficient air conditioner, you definitely have a lot of options. Make sure you use the tips above to choose the most reliable option for your needs.

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