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Dump Trucks Market To Grow Like Never Before by The Next Decade – Why?

Dump Trucks Market To Grow Like Never Before by The Next Decade - Why?

If you have ever thought about making an investment in the dump truck business, now is your chance to do that. The dump truck business is soaring right now and is a hotbed for new investors. It has been reported that the business is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.19% during the 2017-2021 period.

Here is why the dump truck business is going towards a boom in the right direction.

1. High demand from different industries

There are two ways in which dump trucks bring in money for the stakeholders involved. One way involves being a driver for the dump truck, while the other involves leasing out your dump truck to different parties. These trucks are high in demand with building contractors as it is their primary way of transporting materials to and from different sites. Materials like timber, steel, wood etc. cannot be transported using normal cars and that is where dump trucks come into play. Similarly, mining companies and landscaping companies also find themselves in the need of dump trucks to help with their transportation needs. These are businesses that have work all year round, so just imagine the immense demand for dump trucks from all these companies.

2. An easy way to make the big buck

You can also benefit from the increasing demand for dump trucks by becoming a dump truck driver. These kind of drivers fall into a different category than other goods transportation drivers due to the type of vehicle they drive. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics has designated dump truck drivers under the header of “Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers”. While the median salary for different occupations has been found to be $37040, the median salary for a dump truck driver is $43950. Just look at the staggering difference in income. As a dump truck driver, you can expect to earn a higher than average salary and take care of all your needs. However, this is for someone who is employed as a dump truck driver, for a person that owns a dump truck, the rates can go up to $52000. If that is reason enough for you to go out and purchase a dump truck of your own immediately, then head on over to a reliable online marketplace to choose from an assorted share of specialized dump trucks for sale.

3. An important part of the economy

The dump truck business is playing a humongous role in boosting the economy of the United States of America. Dump trucks provide extremely essential services to different businesses by transporting everything from construction material to plain old dirt itself. These trucks are an indispensable part of any heavy machinery using industry. Without these trucks, there would be no other economical way to get materials from their point of origin to the place where they are needed. The importance of these trucks in the economy of the USA has led to incredible advancements in technology for these trucks. The dump trucks of today come equipped with everything from the internet to satellite communication which not only increases the productivity of these trucks but also helps owners and drivers earn twice as much from the operations of these dump trucks.

If corporate work does not do it for you and becoming your own boss is all that you want, then owning and driving a dump truck is the direction you need to take.

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