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Business Casual Outfit For Men – A Guide To Carry With You

Business casual styles are the perfect blend of looking good and feeling good. You get to look like a million bucks but also show off your wonderful attire. However, everyone seems to have a different definition of what “business casual” really means. It’s time to set the records straight and find out what really constitutes a style that is gorgeous and also appropriate for work.

1. Dress shirts

Every list for fashionable and well-dressed men will include dress shirts. They are the quintessential element to any style and that includes business casual. When you come into work, the first thing that will catch anyone’s eye is the shirt that you’re wearing. It’s the first step towards dressing for success.

When adding them to your wardrobe, what kind of colours should you consider? Avoid things that are too trendy and bold, your shirts aren’t here to make you stand out too much. Traditional colours like white and light blue are the preferred choices. Light pink and mint are also wonderful alternatives. If you want to spice things up, you can get shirts with pinstripes or gingham patterns, since they’re subtle enough not to stand out.

2. Stylish Pants

The type of pants you pick can make or break your style. To start it off, it should be clear that jeans are out of the question. They don’t contribute to the outfit and they are a bit too casual for a professional environment. Dress pants are your best bets. However, chinos are another great alternative.

When you choose your pants, you want them to fit snuggly around your ankles, so as to not crease too much. No-break to half-break should be your goal.

The colours should be conservative to start with. Examples include grey, navy, and camel. Once you feel that your wardrobe has expanded enough, you can switch to more interesting colours, as long as they are appropriately muted.

3. Suits & ties

Some business casual outfits include suits while others don’t. This depends entirely on the rules in your office. If you need a suit, picking one out shouldn’t be too difficult. Pick a colour that matches your dress pants and you will surely stand out as a beacon of professionalism.

If your office doesn’t demand a suit, you can always forego one. Combining a dress shirt and tie would give you an unparalleled business casual look. The best part about ties is that you can be a lot more liberal with your choice of colours. Anything that matches the rest of the outfit goes, even if the pattern is trendy and colourful.

4. Bags & Briefcases

Every businessman needs something to hold his work essentials. You have to keep your laptop and important files close to you and a backpack simply isn’t an option. When you come to work, you want to look good while also being practical.

Any good online bags store will offer you a wide variety of colours to go with your general theme and colour palette. You don’t have to worry about coming short when it comes to interesting variations. However, you should always start with something simple. A colour that matches your shoes would be optimal to start with.

5. Shoes

When you think business casual, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? It’s certainly not sneakers or boots. To dress appropriately for work while still looking casual and stylish, you should consider shoes such as loafers, oxfords, and derbies.

If you’ve only recently delved deeper into the type of shoes you need for work, you shouldn’t pick too much variation to start with. Colours should be simple. A pair of black shoes and a pair of brown shoes should be enough to match with just about anything. After that, you can eventually branch out into different palettes.


You don’t need a strict definition of business casual. It should be clear that it’s not about up-dressing with your regular casual outfit, but rather down-dressing your business attire. While actual business outfits are pretty strict when it comes to what you can wear, business casual allows you to get creative and enjoy some variation on what you decide to wear. Keep some of these examples in mind and your business casual outfit will be attractive and appropriate.

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