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Building Automation System: A Technology That Will Change The Dimension of Building Structures Around The Globe!

Building Automation System A Technology That Will Change The Dimension of Building Structures Around The Globe!

Building automation means the way we control and monitor the systems of a particular building such as; mechanical, fire safety, lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation etc. A building automation system can:

  • Maintain the temperature of the building automatically
  • Provide lighting system according to the occasion and occupancy of the room
  • Figuring out the problem in any fitted devices just by monitoring it
  • Alarm awareness assistance during emergencies

Comparing a building that does not have Building Automation System will have a high maintenance cost and will also utilize a lot more energy. A tremendous rise in the growth of this industry has been occurred worldwide and will keep continue growing in the coming years. The Building Automation Systems (BAS) have four vital elements attached to it.

  • Sensors: tools that help in measuring room temperatures, room occupancy, lighting conditions.
  • Controllers: they work like human brains. Controllers fetch data from the collectors and then figure out how the system will be behaving.
  • Output Tools: tools like relays and actuators perform the functions given by controllers.
  • Dashboard: it is where all this information is reported to generate UI (user interference)

Below are some benefits attached to Building Automation Systems:

  • Enhanced Security:

With BAS one can immediately be notified in case of emergencies and alarms. Also, if the alarm is not entertained by the first person within a stipulated time then it automatically connects to the second person and gives a notification of an emergency situation. The new mechanism also gives you the advantage to avoid false alarm without hindering your productivity.

  • Electrical Sockets and Switches:

To connect appliances, most buildings have ample of plug-in sockets attached to the walls. However, do you know the fact that many electronic gadgets consume energy even if they are plugged-in to the sockets and are not in use! This is the electronic realm is known as phantom loads. The BAS aids you in managing these plug-in controls within an organization by automatically shutting down the appliances after usage and help to save 50% of energy. If you are looking for building automation then knowing how smart this system can make your building is quite useful.

  • Redefining Comfort:

The power of controlling temperature, lighting, and alarm systems do deliver the odds of comfort as this allows the employees to work in a balanced environment. Gone are the days when you need to sit for hours before the room temperature becomes normal. Now even before the first person arrives, you can control the temperature accordingly at your fingertip. This helps in improving the efficiency and productivity of the employees, officials, students, or anyone who sits under that roof.   

  • Smart Control:

BAS is a system that not only gifts you the total control of your building but also allows you to control it from anywhere and everywhere in the world. This means it can help you control the temperature, turn-on and turn-off any appliance with the help of a remote or just by attaching the settings to your smartphone.

  • The Power of Upgraded Technology:

As BAS is making the buildings smarter and more intelligent, it becomes easier to make any changes in the technology and upgrade the buildings the way we want. Most buildings are now going wireless by making enough use of Wi-Fi systems and technology.

  • Cut-Down Energy Costs:

The most important benefit of BAS is that it allows you to program your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. This gives you the advantage of cooling or heating our building by letting us decide the temperature within. This gives the edge of comfort by not letting us bother about the temperature conditions outside. Also, the lighting system is fully under which also saves a lot of energy by letting you shut down all the building lights in one go.

  • Problem Solving Solutions:

As the technology is ruling the world, the BAS are becoming wireless and cloud-enabled which means you can have control of your building systems from anywhere and at any time. Everything becomes easier and comfortable when any issue can be solved related to your building from anywhere. The perfect example for this is; imagine your building lights are on and when you are heading home you realize you did not turn off the lights. Well, there is nothing to worry about! Turn on your smartphone and with just a click enjoy the control of everything in your palm.

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating Goes Up:

A building structure becomes more energy saving when BAS is a part of it which gives you a great opportunity to avail LEED certificate or enhance your rating. This certificate can boost the goodwill of your building and nowadays, as people are looking for co-working space, this can be a great setup for them to start their human engine in a safe environment.

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