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Best Car Valuation Services Online

Best Car Valuation Services Online

Do you find yourself wondering how much your car would cost if you sell it? You are not alone. There are thousands of people like you all over the world who face this dilemma. When you buy your car, you take care of it as if it is a part of the family. Whatever mode of transport you own, it has a significant role in your daily routine, and you rely on it.

Statista reports that an estimate of 81.57 million vehicles will be traded by the end of 2018. That brings our attention back to the burning question: how much is your car worth?

Thankfully, the internet comes to the rescue of perturbed car owners. You can avail the free online car valuation services of the top names in business simply by entering some information about your car. We have listed the names of the best car valuation services that deal with online valuation and give you reasonable rates all from the comfort of your home:

We Buy Cars Today:

The company started off in 2011 and has served more than 180k customers. They provide free online car valuation. You just have to enter the following details on their website:

  • Registration number
  • Mileage
  • Postal code
  • Your contact number
  • Your email address

You will receive the best valuation numbers in just a few minutes. The company runs on a simple slogan: we buy any car today. They promise their clients to provide excellent and fast customer service. Once you sign a deal with the company, they will pick up your car from the location you decide, and this service is free of charge. There are also no hidden charges in the whole transaction.


The motorway is a fast and reliable car valuation service in the UK. You can find out the price of your car in just a few minutes when you go to the Motorway website. They assist thousands of customers every day and provide reasonable rates for any car that you have to sell. They claim that they are ‘not your average car buyers.’ Motorway operates differently. Motorway promises to act as a mediator in your deal and get you a reasonable selling price through online car valuation. Instead of getting pressured with one meager offer, Motorway will get you a handful of offers from good car buying services in town.

Any charges, exempted from the car price, are displayed on their website. You can compare prices on the site and choose as you like. The best benefit of an online valuation is that you get no fee charged and you still perform research on the base price of your vehicle.

Auto Trader:

When you land on the homepage of Auto Trader’s website, a form is the first thing you will see. That is all you need to fill up to get an online car valuation. Auto Trader is a trusted car buying service, dealing with new and used cars every day. Just enter the following details to get quick car valuation:

  • Car registration number
  • Mileage

If you don’t know the registration number, enter the model and make of your car. Data from over half a million car adverts is extracted on Auto Trader’s website. They also check websites of 3,500 online dealers to get the best offer for you. The website is regularly updated so you can get the best price whenever you visit the site.

Getting an online valuation is very secure because for instance, if a vendor is asking too much money, you will be able to stop them right there, and same goes for lesser prices. You can be confident of your deal if an experienced service is researching on your behalf.

We Want Any Car:

For those who believe their car is in a much shabby condition to be sold at all, this company is the best resort. Once you have decided to sell your car, go to their website. The online car valuation tool will get you a guaranteed good price for zero fees. Nobody wants to get fooled for an asset as valuable as a car. Through this service, you can undoubtedly be assured that there will be no shortcomings.

The free car valuation tool is designed to provide accurate car data. A registration number is all you have to enter to get the best price. Registration number explains the make, model, and age of a car. The tool will also ask for few more details like mileage, service history and car condition to get you the best deal from thousands across the web. You will get a substantial valuation by the end, as well as, an email explaining everything in written format.

Price promise is another feature where the company promises to match any quote! If you are getting a better quote from a competitor, We Want Any Car will match and beat that quote, subject to written and physical inspection.

Robins & Day:

Your car is valued and cared for by Robins & Day. The company assures its clients that the deal will be best in town. Their website has a free car valuation tool which will list down potential deals for you through car registration number. By completing an online car valuation on Robins & Day, you give them and their third party supplier your vehicle and contact details.

The quote is created through the information you provide. You must enter the correct information if you want the best price online. You should also ensure that any costs associated with your vehicle are covered, and all dues are cleared before you hand over the car to Robins & Day.

It is the two-way trust deal that is the most encouraged mode of business by Robins & Day. If you have any questions about car valuation or buying another car through the service, give their customer center a call and find out!

Have you visited an efficient online car valuation service recently? Tell us in the comments section so that we can update our list to inform the readers.

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