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5 Travel Tech Changes Which Have Changed the Industry

The travel sector is a constantly changing sector, and it has always been essential to make travel, business trips and vacations as easier for customers as possible. In recent years the travel sector has changed the way it operates with a number of new tech updates which offer safe and efficient trips away from home. Here’s a look at 5 updates you may or may not be aware of from the latest video camera and state of the art video production to something as simple as a travel card.


Travel Cards

The days of using a traveller’s cheque are dead and gone, and while some may still take large sums of cash away with them, they really shouldn’t. Travel debit cards are now available for you to transfer money from your current account safely, you’ll be able to move money using your phone daily or weekly, pay via card and withdraw cash without being penalised, and receive a fair exchange rate. This is something every person abroad should be using as it removes the risk of losing you cash or being charged extra for using your current account.


Travel Comforts

Buying a simple travel pillow from the airport, never really satisfies you, it’s essentially a small version of a pillow (travel sized). There are businesses that specialise in making a perfect travelling pillow, which is designed to help you rest in an upright position a lot better. There are plenty on the market but they tend to cost a little more than what’s offered in the airport, but in the long term, if you tend to fly a fair bit, they soon become worth the price.


Phone Activated Locks

Padlock and key? Padlock and code? These are both easily lost or forgotten, now modern lock is connected to something you won’t lose, your phone. With the help of blue tooth and an app, your phone can be used to lock and unlock your suitcase wherever you go.


Sleep Buds

Brands such as Bose have released a gadget design for single use, to help you sleep. This product might seem expensive for something that only has one purpose, but it does the job amazingly well. The sleep buds have the ability to turn external noises into sounds to help you sleep, so if there are loud people of a crying baby on your flight, you’ll have no trouble sleeping through it.


Digital Travel Wallets

Similar to the lock, being able to use your phone is your travel ticket makes it much easier to look after. Plus it’s a great way to reduce the paper consumption, you simply download your airline’s app and the prompt to add your ticket to your phone wallet will appear.




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