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Valve Replacement: Get An Expert Opinion Before Proceeding

Valve Replacement Get An Expert Opinion Before Proceeding

The heart is the main component of a human body. A tiny little organ in the chest, which keep us living, breathing and working, is our heart. The modern day life has become so hectic and stressful which results in heart problems in a person’s body. Heart problems are very complex and need to be diagnosed in a peculiar way. Thankfully modern medicinal technology makes it possible to detect heart problems at an early stage and cure such problems before becoming fatal. One such heart problem is a valve problem.

The Age of Trouble:

Valve problems are found in middle-aged people or older. Amongst the many symptoms commonly observed are; uncommon tiredness with weakness, breathing problems, swelling of legs, abdomen, feet and neck veins, irregular heartbeat and loss of consciousness. The treatment of heart valve problem mainly depends on its severity and disorder. There are a few tests performed to detect heart valve problems, and few of them are; chest X-ray, cardiac MRI, Stress Test, Cardiac Catheterization, and echocardiography. Severe valve damages replace in valve replacement by several treatments.

When the valve replacement is required, the patient is given general anesthesia, and it takes 2-4 hours to perform this surgery. The patient is suffered in the operating room, the patient’s heart is stopped, and a heart-lung bypass machine is connected. This machine performs the function of heart meaning taking oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. There is an open heart surgery in which the doctor surgically cuts the breastbone to reach aorta. The other surgery is called minimally invasive surgery in which minor cuts are made otherwise a catheter is inserted into the body through the skin. In other cases, valves can be repaired by using ring annuloplasty in which a ring-like part around the heart’s valve is sewed with a plastic ring, a cloth ring or a tissue ring. If this is not required, then the surgeon will rebuild, shape or trim the leaflets of the valve. A leaflet is a flap which can open or close to control the flow of blood.

The Procedure:

Valve replacement is required only when the damage done to the valve is beyond repair. In a valve replacement, the valve is replaced with new valve. There are two types of replacement valves available namely mechanical or biological. A mechanical valve is made from artificial materials including stainless steel, titanium or ceramic. Once the artificial valve is fixed, the patient is required to consume blood-thinning medicines for the rest of the life. Biological valves are made up of human or animal tissues, and they can last for 12 to 15 years. The benefit of the biological valve is that the patient is not required to take blood-thinning medicines.

Several aspects can decide the cost of valve replacement surgery in India some of which are mentioned here. The most deciding factor is the hospital which a patient opts for; type of room patient is kept in, doctor’s fees and the cost of the valve itself.

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