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Tips To Buy Inverter Battery

Tips To Buy Inverter Battery

It is really not possible for the present homes to tolerate the situations created by the power failure. This is the reason that leads most of the people to consider power back up solutions. These solutions are generally known as the inverter or power inverter in India. Selecting the battery and inverter with proper capacities is the important decision in getting the best power backup solutions. These solutions help you to keep the much-required appliances working under power failure condition to keep the comfort and happiness in the home.  This article gives some interesting tips on buying the right battery for the inverter.

Consider Inverter Capacity

Battery and converter are two different devices with different capacities. To make it simple consider battery as the well and the converter as the bucket to pull water from the well. Hence, whatever is the power in the battery, it is the capacity of the inverter that determines the supply of power served at a single time. Hence even though you have the high capacity battery, it can’t support the working of the refrigerator and other appliances since the inverter has not enough capacity to serve the much-needed power through it. So, you should keep a proper balance between the capacity of battery and inverter when you make inverter battery online shopping.

Calculate the Power Requirement

This is the first thing to consider when you are about to buy a battery online. Make a list of the appliances that you want to support in terms of watts. This gives you the exact total power requirement needed for the home at power failure times. Prefer the inverter that comes with the next nearest high capacity in watts than the calculated watts. For example, if your total power comes to around 790 watts, it is better to prefer the inverter with 900 watts. If you purchase 150 Ah battery, it can provide 900 watts for two hours. You can use battery calculator to select the battery with right capacity to meet your power requirements.

Select the Best Type

There are two important batteries available online. They are flat plate battery and tubular battery. The latter is the advanced version of previous one and hence it is certainly a good idea to purchase a tubular battery for the inverter. In this type, the plate is replaced by the tubes and are covered with cloth to assure maximum protection. This battery is so efficient and comes with maximum life. The stored current can be used to its maximum since the tubular battery prevents the leakage of current to its rock-bottom level when compared with flat plate battery.

Prefer Reputed Manufacturer

Local brands in batteries are available online at cheap rates. But most of them lack efficiency and safety standard and comes with small lifespan comparatively. Hence it is a good idea to search for the best brand in inverter batteries to enjoy good working for the same for long period of time.

Now you better know how to buy inverter battery online that makes the real worth of money and in usage.

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