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Modern Way To Style Floral Dresses For Your Teen Girls

Modern Way To Style Floral Dresses For Your Teen Girls

The latest vibrant floral patterns are creating some fresh and fun looks for the warmer months. Paired with lightweight, flowing fabrics these bright and colorful prints create romantic and beautiful designer dresses that any woman would love to wear. But what teenager would want to dress in a style that throws back to Victorian times? What fashion advice can you give your teen girl to help her paint that pretty floral frock with modern and contemporary styling? Read on for tips!   

Mix and Match

To obtain a truly modern edge, encourage your teen to be bold and ditch the all neutral accessories. Instead, help her emphasize her inner artist and mix patterns that clash. Pair a flowered dress with polka dotted heels. Try a handbag in a contrasting geometric pattern or help her layer a few striped bangles that pick up on a couple of the colors in her vibrant, floral frock.

Opt for All Black

Teenagers love to wear black, and if your burgeoning artist also appreciates the pretty and sometimes dramatic floral prints, there’s no reason to abandon the black. Instead, help her choose a range of edgy black accessories like a black cross body bag, patent leather flats or boot stilettos and jewelry such as bangles (skip the necklaces lest the look be overpowered). Or, encourage her to go all-out alternative and wear a pair of clunky combat or hiking-inspired boots with her printed dress.


Belts are an accessory that can add a bold contemporary style and contrast to floral-patterned dresses. Perhaps your teen girl will want to try something truly unique and wear a belt in a wildly contrasting color, like lime green overtop of red or bright orange with a dress patterned in shades of pinks, blues and reds. Another option is to layer the look with a sleek, contemporary wide leather sash in gleaming silver or bold black.


Summer might not require coats or jackets but adding some sort of outerwear can modernize a delicate, flowing frock. Suggest a boxy blazer to give the look a contemporary feel or a simple jean jacket to create a casual vibe. A black leather jacket could also create a rebellious look that’s tough enough for any teen.  

However your teen decides to don her flower-printed frock, encourage her to create her own look, be fashion independent and wear her dress in a fun, creative style that will be all her very own.  

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