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4 Plastic Surgery Trends for 2019

Plastic surgery is a continually changing industry with a number of doctors focus on different areas. Some look to make current operations safer, others look to create entirely new methods of surgery and some even research ways to reduce how invasive procedures can be. With new practices continually coming out in the industry, it also means that surgeons are more prone to offer new techniques and what is currently on trend to clients looking for advice. Here’s a look at 4 trends that are currently on trend for 2019.


Brazilian Butt Lift

People have more of a desire for an hourglass figure and w clothing and swimsuits being more revealing over the past few years, it has given people the desire to change their bums. The Brazilian butt lift requires the removal of excess fat around the body and transferring it into the buttocks were it is shaped for the hourglass figure. The results help to highlight a flat stomach, slimmer thighs and a wider bum.


Breast Enlargement

All over the world breast enlargement has been a popular surgery for many years but it has changed. Breast Augmentation Manchester is an example of a practice that not only enlarges, but also can reshape and preserve the breasts natural feel and look. It can vary on your current size with how the surgeon chooses to proceed, but it’s usually advised to reshape and gradually change size if you want a significant alteration.


The way the augmentation is conducted can alter depending on the breasts, body and type of surgery chosen. The insertion can below the breast, above or through the nipple.


Dermal Fillers

Botox is the more commonly known, and this procedure is used freeze muscle movements and reduce wrinkles. Dermal fillers work in a similar way but rather than reducing wrinkle they are used to highlight and fill your lips jawline and cheeks. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that is also very affordable when compared to the alternatives.


It a procedure worth talking to a professional about as it might be a much safer and efficient alternative for how you want to look. With a numbing agent, a few selective injections and a facial massage you could have all your alterations changed.



Tummy tuck is an option for anyone wanting to reduce the fat and reshape their stomach. Typically, clients can come from people who have gone through radical weight loss, pregnancy and liposuction. An abdominoplasty Manchester surgery is basically removes excess skin to give the client a flatter stomach with little sign of change being visible. It is an invasive procedure that can take around 5 hours and require a few nights in the hospital before being discharged.

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